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Message started by Hamish on Jul 25th, 2018 at 4:48pm

Title: Re: Two Things I Learned Yesterday
Post by Hamish on Jul 31st, 2018 at 1:41am
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Number 1, RotoNickel, Super Tough, Grade 11, all can be used to add to your all if you get your copper percentage in the aforementioned percentages and have a fairly balanced alloy, if I'm not far off.  One caution:  there is zero advantage to a higher percentage of copper, and you can actually get too much. **With copper added, your bullets will continue to grow about a thousandth over the course of a couple of weeks to a month**

One fellow decided to run with 5% copper for a while and could not understand why his bullets kept growing for months!  MORE THAN ONE HALF OF ONE PERCENT HAS SHOWN ZERO ADDED BENEFIT, so,,,,,,,,.

The "Copper Hard", I believe could be most likely cut 50/50 with good range scrap.  If a fellow was OCD about knowing what was in his alloy, you *could* use it as is, but I'm not one of those folks.

A note on MY definition of "range scrap".  I've always run approximately 70/30 reclaimed commercial cast/jacketed off my clubs pistol range.

I just waded through a few of the old threads from 2012-13 and I dont think its worth posting, but if you're really interested in seeing evidence of how much resistance can be shown when some folks apple carts get upset, search "copper enriched" over on Cast Boolits.

I'm not promising anything but I'm going to nudge one of the biggest brains in the whole effort to post on this thread.

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