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WTB: Danish Krag Parts (Read 3886 times)
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WTB: Danish Krag Parts
May 4th, 2003 at 10:14pm

I'm looking for the following parts for the Danish Krag Model 1889:

GENERAL - action parts - triggerguard, triggerguard screws, forward action screw, entire loading gate/lifter assembly and screws for same, sideplate with screw [I don't have an exploded diagram nor another Dane to compare to -- did I leave any related parts out ?

SPECIFIC - Model 1889 cavalry carbine parts - lower barrel band, upper barrel band with the LONG bayonet lug, upper band retaining spring  Can anyone suggest a source [hardcopy or website] that would show some details of the parts I'm seeking?  The only illustration I have of the Danish cavalry carbine is the fuzzy one in Col. Brophy's book.

Thanks for your help!!

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