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6.5X55 Krag (Read 648 times)
Oct 15th, 2003 at 7:53pm

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I have a Krag rifle that I do not know much about. Facts about this weapon:

Barrel:            approx. 30

Receiver:      Stamped 1901 with some kind of Crown immediately above the date.

Serial Number:      508XX all numbers match including bolt and butt plate

Caliber:            6.5 X 55, bore is good.  Very accurate.

Stock:      Cut approx 2 in front of trigger guard.  Front wood has serial number stamped in it. Rear stock does not.  Has stock with pistol grip not straight stock.      Rear portion of stock has a J in the wood immediately in front of front trigger guard screw. Same Crown marking on left-hand side of stock above weapons serial number as above the date stamped in receiver.

1.             Front Barrel Band missing.
2.      Sling Guides missing
3.      Cleaning rod missing
4.      Cut in Stock.

I am looking for info on this weapon, any that you can share.  Is there any source of any parts at all for this very fine shooter?  I also would like a ballpark value for insurance purposes.

All help and guidence is greatly appreciated.
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Reply #1 - Oct 21st, 2003 at 10:09pm

RivrRat   Offline
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I'm new to this myself, but I can tell you if the crown sits on a fancy K, then it's Norwegian, from the Kongsberg armory. Sounds like it's worth trying to restore, unless you can see obvious signs of the barrel being hacksawed but I couldn't tell you about getting parts. I bought mine at an estate auction wearing a label that said "30/40 craig - 30-06". Soon found out different...seems a 30-06 Krag might be risky to shoot.
Hopefully, some of the more knowledgeable guys will read through and can answer some of my questions at the same time. My barrel was cut to 22 7/8 inches and mounted into a Bishop Monte Carlo style stock and so has relatively little collectors value. Sure looks nice tho..s/n on mine is 135488 and dated 1919 on the receiver. No caliber marks anywhere though. I'm sure someone will tell you there's a better chance of getting a more correct history if you include the full s/n. My numbers on the receiver, barrel, and rear site match, but the bolt and trigger guard have two different numbers. Again, kills the collector value. I have read on other sites that standard 6.5x55 swede cartridges are too hot for this action but on the other hand, I've read here and talked to other local owners who use it regularly. I've put about 40 thru mine so far with no problem but I would like to get more info on handloads just to keep the stress to a minimum. So how about it, other Kragheads??
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Reply #2 - Oct 22nd, 2003 at 10:48am

Ned Butts   Online
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I have been shooting Norwegian Krags for a couple of years now with standard factory loads with no problem. I would under no circumstances fire any thing that is advertised as "hot or plus" loads. Look back in the past posts, Nord our Norwegian connection posted some of his loads a while back.
Parts for Norwegian Krags are scarce as hens teeth both here and on the other side of the pond. If you are patient some do show up, but to get all parts is a long shot. Also parts on Norwegians as well as Danes were serial numbered to the rifle, so all you would have is an expensive missmatched shooter. There is a custom stock maker in PA, Mike Kokolus, who makes excellent quality repro stocks fro M'94 rifles and M'1912 carbines/short rifles. I believe that he gets $225.00 or $250.00 for them, but they are 99.9% ready to go!
Nord checks in from time to time when he can and should see this sooner or later. He has quite a bit of info on many Norwegian Krags and has been a great help to me in my recent obsession with Norwegian Krags.
PS If you want information from a serial number you need to post the entire number! This is a very sore subject among collectors, we can't help you with out all the information!!!
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