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NRA Krag Carbine (Read 2016 times)
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NRA Krag Carbine
Jan 16th, 2005 at 4:00pm
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Hope you can help with some information on a Krag I own.  The serial # is 131706 and it's a model 1898, cal. .30-40.   It looks identifcal, or very similar, in configuration to the gun shown on the homepage in the "sporter" section.....row two, left photo as seen, bottom gun, with sling.

The fellow I bought the guns from, in New Jersey, told me it belonged to his grandfather who bought it from the NRA in the 1920s-30s. He also noted that the gun came from a Gov't arsenal in California where it had been converted from a long rifle.

He said the carbine stock, and the front and read sights were from later model Krags and were installed at the gov't arsenal.  I seem to recall the stock is for an 1899 carbine and the front sight is for a model 1903. 

All this is consistent with what is written about such guns in Flayderman.

There is a faint cartouche on the stock behind where the saddle ring once was.  There is a metal plate where the ring used to hang.  The letters on the cartouche cannot be read. 

The seller said his grandfather bought it as a hunting rifle but didn't shoot it much. It sat in a closet for many decades.  It's in excellent condition, with some minor dings and such on the stock.

Any thoughts on the story, value?  I recall I paid $400 for it.


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