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Stock Wanted (Read 2639 times)
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Stock Wanted
Jul 21st, 2010 at 12:59am
I am looking for a decent (but NOT "mint") Krag stock which has been bubba'd ahead of the band. MUST have a nice clear [JSA/1902] cartouche with considerable impression remaining - one sanded/worn down to a flat "one-dimension stained" look (such as on Bobbett's current GB offering) would NOT be acceptable.

NO extra holes, NO receiver sight notches, NO carved initials, etc. With or without furniture - but will not pay much extra for the buttplate, etc. as I do not need the metal parts.

Since I have a special need, I am willing to at least consider paying a little more than such a cut-off stock might normally fetch, to get exactly what I want. No "rush", but I'll purchase the "right" one without any delay. Please ask sellers to email pics and asking prices.

Many thanks,
Dick Hosmer
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