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Krag Trips To the Front Line, WWI (Read 902 times)
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Krag Trips To the Front Line, WWI
Aug 25th, 2019 at 1:56am
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Company A of the 304th Ammunition Train were issued Krag rifles between Thanksgiving and Christmas of 1917 according to a 1920 book titled "History of the 304th Ammunition Train". Some of the other companies may have, but it doesn't appear to be spelled out. Company A brought ammunition to the front lines and may have been carrying their Krags with them. Here is an excerpt:

Early in October the company moved to V 3 where their numbers were augmented by the arrival of a number of men from the 17th Training Battalion. The company now numbered about 100 men. Drilling now continued each clear day out on the drill field and every stormy day was spent in the mess hall listening to lectures. Every pleasant Sunday brought a host of visitors to camp and the grounds resembled a huge picnic. Here and there a bevy of friends and relatives were gathered around one or more rookies. Lunch time found them with home goodies spread out in some shady nook. They now received all their uniforms but not rifles. The drilling was done with sticks in place of guns. Thanksgiving day arrived at last and the lucky 25 per cent were given three day passes to go home. The company had an excellent dinner that day for those left behind. There was plenty of turkey with all the fixings. Thanks are due to Mess Sgt Conn and the cooks who remained on duty all the night before preparing it. Football weather came now and many an exciting game was played on that field just above the Y with teams from other regiments. All were now given Krag Jorgensen rifles and bayonets and began bayonet practice with aiming and sighting drills. Christmas was now fast approaching and each one hoped that he would be one of the lucky men to land a five day pass enabling him to spend the holidays at home. Again 25 per cent of the company left. The ones who failed to receive a pass felt rather blue but still had a pleasant time as all received boxes of presents from home and the dinner was a great spread.

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