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Iowa Small Arms Competion (Read 310 times)
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Iowa Small Arms Competion
Oct 19th, 2019 at 12:04am
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The Iowa National Guard had a small arms competition as observed in a June 21, 1901 report. Apparently, the mainstay was the old Springfield Trapdoor. Some, but not many, were familiar with the magazine rifle (Krag Jorgensen). It appears in the report that there was some surprise that the magazine rifle score was 12-1/2 per cent better. Note that there was some complaint in the report about the rough condition of the Trapdoors on hand. Below is a paragraph from the report:

"Further proof is given in the comparison of the scores made with the Springfield rifle, with which the men were all familiar and have used on the range, and the scores made with the magazine rifle. While some of the men had been armed with the latter during the Spanish American war, none of them had had target practice with it and to the majority it was entirely new. Under these circumstances a superiority of over 12-1/2 per cent at all ranges in favor of the magazine arm is remarkable, especially when we consider the great difference in the pull of the two pieces and that most riflemen prefer the Springfield for fine target work at ranges not exceeding 600 yards. No sighting shots were allowed in either case."

Below is a link to the report starting on page 78.

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