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KCA auto spelling correct (Read 349 times)
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KCA auto spelling correct
Dec 18th, 2019 at 3:39pm
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Just noticed the other day I had misspelled guard and it auto corrected. Tried to misspell it on purpose and it did it here also (A before the U). Looked at a recent post of mine and it did not look anything like I intended. Not sure if it was auto correct or the usual disconnect between my feeble and the fingers on the keyboard.
I know spritzer happens when you try to type the technical term for a pointy bullet with an ogive .
The auto correct does not work on every word as I just fixed the word "spelling". Kind of like the almost self driving features on cars, the technology will let you down once in a while either embarrassing you or killing you.
Saw a thing on television a couple of days ago where a man was visibly sleeping while driving on the freeway. He was depending on lane correction and auto braking. A very loud horn would have taken some years off his life!
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