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Internal Revenue Bureau (Read 621 times)
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Internal Revenue Bureau
Nov 11th, 2018 at 1:30am
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The sketch below is of some Internal Revenue Bureau Agents preparing to collect taxes on alcohol and tobacco producers. They would find those making these products and would figure out the tax owed based on the volume. These taxes paid for such things as the Spanish American War. Sometimes, producers would not want to pay the tax and often times would hide their operations and fight off the agents when caught. This seems to be the early days of moonshiners and what would become the BATFE, before car chases, etc. Apparently there was less licensing (bureaucracy) back then to be a producer and tax payments were collected by these agents. This came out of a periodical dated September 1901 in "Munsey's Magazine". It was touted in this article that the agents of the Internal Revenue Bureau collected $300,000,000 the previous year, mostly from alcohol and tobacco producers. They relied on the Krag Jorgensen rifle for their protection, among other firearms.

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